Monday 29 August 2016


Kajit J Bagu (John Paul) PhD (Edinburgh).

'... care for those of us who lag behind and bring them back into the fight ...
identify whoever keeps betraying us at the back and help us find out why.'
- BDS Santos, 2014.

It is not the oppressor that should be feared, for his/her man/woman power and abilities are terribly limited.

It is the compromised among the oppressed who should be feared (the weak, the selfish, the ambitious, the proud, the vain, the vulnerable, the uninformed and the non-conscious!)
They have the power to betray, and that is a great and terrible power indeed!

The struggle for a just, equal and peaceful world is confronted by this challenge at different levels.

In Scotland, Scots were necessary for the subjugation of Scotland.
'Europeanised Africans' were necessary for the subjugation of Africa.
Libyans were necessary for the destruction of Gaddafi in Libya.
'Elites' are necessary for the neo-colonisation of Africa today, they are necessary at every level for the obliteration of indigenous Africa and the alienation of her birth right.
Syrians will be necessary for the destruction of Syria.

Unfortunately, I must 'soil' this post with my expertise in Constitutional Theory and Political Philosophy by adding that in the case of what the British Empire derogatorily called 'Nigeria', certain principles are deeply enshrined in the constitution of this colonial construct to guarantee a permanent state of division and thus, of collective, comprehensive and desirably perpetual subjugation. Let the thinker consider these ornamental, constitutional chains:

1. Consociationalism;
2. Colonial 'Nationhood';
3. Individualised and 'corporatised' Fundamental Rights in contempt of indigenous communality;
4. Europeanised' and 'Arabised' elites and 'citizens';
5. A federalism and boundary system defined by what I have called 'colonising cartography'.

These are exalted as ornaments with colonial roots, but they act as chains!
How seemingly beautiful to think that another reality is unimaginable besides these! That it is treasonable to be critical in thought, and therefore remain bound to relish chains as ornaments!
When structure becomes the veiled-cum-desired tool for oppression, which the oppressed are bound to adore; when you must take more doses of poison to 'cure' earlier, lesser, but destructive doses!

No! It is not the oppressor that should be feared, his/her powers are limited.

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